From Our President

アルテクロス株式会社 代表取締役 川崎元裕
Motohiro Kawasaki, President and CEO

Weaving serious thought into craftsmanship.
It is okay to have one company in the world that does this.

In every field, there are products that can be described as the finest of the fine. What is it that clearly sets the finest quality items apart from so-called general-purpose ones? I believe it is technical capability. There are lots of skills in the textile industry I would like to keep alive for the future. Anyone can make general-purpose items, but the reality is there are only a handful of companies in Japan that can weave products employing techniques of which the textile industry can be proud. Preserving those techniques until the end is ALLTE CLOTH's duty. If ALLTE CLOTH were to disappear from the textile industry, it would likely become a very dull industry.

Nevertheless, realistically craftsmanship cannot lead with skills alone. Development time, production costs, inspection systems, the shift to mass clear all these conditions, it is crucial to have cohesion among the people who underpin the technical capabilities. Our company is only small with 50 team members, both full- and part-time. We are ISO certified so there is an operation manual of global standards. But it is only the people that will carry on and improve technology. In day-to-day operations, improvements are being made all day everyday with veterans personally teaching the newer staff, and the manager of the development department adopting the suggestion of an older part-time staff member, for example. So you can say that improved adaptability in this small neighborhood factory is ALLTE CLOTH's strength.

Our craftsmanship of a wide variety of small-lot products will progress with the same vigor required for a festival. The serious thought we put into our craft has also induced a "never give up!" artisanal pride. It may be old school, but at ALLTE CLOTH we talk exhaustively about craftsmanship on, for example, cherry blossom picnics and trips away with staff and their families, and sometimes over drinks with the team. The ideas that emerge then intertwine, giving rise to new products.

We produce materials, but our brand name is not stamped anywhere on our products. Even if members of the general public came across our brand, they would not likely recognize it. However, our unspoken products speak eloquently of all ALLTE CLOTH's technical capabilities and pride. The finished quality that delightfully astounds customers is all in a day's work for ALLTE CLOTH.

If our website has sparked an interest in ALLTE CLOTH and you would like to join our team, please do not hesitate to contact us. ── We want to hear about your true dream. Your background is irrelevant.

Our Company Policies

Continuity through safety

Professing to put safety first is all well and good, but an accident-free workplace is merely an empty theory if there is no continual pervasion of safety awareness.

Japan's most welcoming factory

Being able to meet customers from all walks of life is a great joy. Express that joy with sincere heartfelt greetings.

Pour passion into craftsmanship

There is no progress without passion. Always have the passion to create products that give customers satisfaction. There is no room for people without passion.

Break down the preconceived idea of a factory

Factory workers that merely make things are a relic of the past. Customers are not only seeing "things", but also "creators". Everyone is a sales representative!

Learn from history and return to the Showa Era

Mobile phones and computers have made it easy to communicate with customers, but sometimes that alone does not adequately allow feelings to be expressed. Look the customer in the eye, listen to what they say and understand what they feel.

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