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Making full use of our skills and techniques to analyze fibers, design weave structures and establish weave conditions in the weaving process, we have had repeated success in all materials conventionally said to be difficult to weave. We are experienced in test weaving new material fibers in Japan.

The Fiberglass Creation Process and Our Facilities


Warping is the first step in the process prior to weaving.
It is the most crucial part of our craftsmanship. In this step, serious attention is paid to each thread when warping the loom so as to precisely create the customers' order. Because it is done by hand, the abundant product variations that are possible is just one hallmark of ALLTE CLOTH.

    • Sizing machine
    • Authorized width: 100cm-150cm
    • This is the process when adhesive is applied to thread we want to strengthen and thread whose surface pile we want to control.
      This increases smoothness, making it easier to weave.
    • Warping machine
    • Authorized width: 100cm-220cm
    • This is the process where we place the raw material thread on the stand and wind it onto a large drum-like apparatus that hangs on the loom.
    • Beamer machine
    • Authorized width: 100cm-360cm
    • When the total number of warp ends exceeds the maximum of the warping machine, the beamer machine adds and winds more thread wound by the warper. Thus we can accommodate requests for high-density and wide textiles.

Because we prepare the loom to suit each product, we are able to create tailor-made orders.
We accept orders of any size from one individual item to mass production. Speak to us about difficult orders and products that have been turned away by other factories. We will accept the challenge.

    • Air jet loom
    • Authorized width: 150cm-230cm
    • This makes textiles by using the force of compressed air to propel the weft yarn. Suited to low thread counts, it is characterized by its extremely low fault rate even for weaving at high speeds.
    • Rapier loom
    • Authorized width: 206cm-460cm
    • This machine makes textiles by propelling the weft yarn with a rapier- or sword-like apparatus. By attaching a dobby, it can handle any weave pattern.
    • Projectile loom
    • Authorized width: 330cm-460cm
    • This makes textiles by propelling the weft yarn with a small bullet-like metal device. It uses a unique weft insertion system to handle wide textiles.

We inspect each and every item at the end of the weaving process. We aim for products that are 100% finished without overlooking small frays or pile. This inspection involves giving the product a final check with the naked eye.

    • Fabric inspection machine

Incidental facilities

Colored thread-making machine

Thread winder

Heat setting machine

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