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Main Products and Techniques

Fiberglass Fabric

Fiberglass has an extensive range of applications that utilize its distinguishing properties of tensile strength, electrical insulation, heat resistance and corrosion resistance.

It is primarily used in industrial materials due to its non-flammable, electrical insulation and low elongation properties. Our products are used in the prominent fiberglass membranes of stadiums not only in Japan including Tokyo Dome and Kashima Stadium, but also the Beijing Olympics' Bird's Nest. We also produce PVC-coated fiberglass fabric for roller blinds that are used in places such as the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Nippon Television and convenience stores.

Our products have also been used in an array of applications including screen doors, whetstones, fire-resistant wall fabric and flooring. Besides glass, we also focus on producing basalt fabric made from basalt and ultra strong aramid fabric used in bulletproof vests, and we are eager to tackle any textile-related challenge.

The ALLTE CLOTH Difference

We know the importance of work done by hand in providing small lots of a wide variety of products.

Machines may be capable of mass production, but they lack the flexibility to produce unique products. At ALLTE CLOTH we pay special attention to handicraft work, even the aspects other manufacturers are hesitant to attempt, in order to be flexible.

Our greatest strength is our ability to produce textiles in widths other manufacturers cannot, with special machinery capable of making fabric up to five meters wide.
Having an array of machinery and equipment means we are able to offer products from 20cm to 5m wide and 0.03mm to 10mm thick thus meeting our customers' various needs.

A large factory may have many identical machines and mass-produce with few workers, but tends to be unreceptive to small lots and frequent changes in specification due to improved productivity and thereby cannot fully meet finer needs.
We believe that for the survival of the Japanese manufacturing industry, it is necessary to aim to fill the gaps other manufacturers leave. We will work as one to continue to enhance our technological capability and offer satisfying products to our customers.

Achieved 7,000 days of accident-free operation.

Since 1997 ALLTE CLOTH has set its sights on attaining the "Accident-free Certificate" awarded by the Ministry for Health, Labour and Welfare to businesses that have no workplace accidents in a certain period of time. In March 2020, 27 years after we started our business, we successfully completed 7,000 days of operation without a single accident and received an Accident-Free Record Certificate from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. We continue to increase our number of accident-free days in pursuit of our next goal with every team members working hard towards it, pulling together, and remembering to keep things tidy and in order so as to remain incident-free.

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