Bringing the ALLTE CLOTH
excellence to the world
ALLTE CLOTH is the industry's team of skilled craftsmen,
known for our experience with glass fiber,
wide cloths and other non-standard textiles.

We know the importance of work done by hand
in providing small lots of a wide variety of products.


  • Do you need small lots of fiberglass products?
  • Does your company need help meeting its fabric production deadline?
  • Are you looking to outsource technically difficult processes such as coating fiber?
  • Are you feeling the squeeze of a tight textile processing deadline?

Do you have any other similar issues?
If the answer is "yes", then let ALLTE CLOTH advise you on how we can help.

For over 60 years since its foundation, ALLTE CLOTH has been providing customers with textiles primarily for industrial use. We specialize particularly in the production of wide cloths two to five meters in width. We have the skills to create top-quality textiles from the latest high-tech fibers and continue to satisfy our customers with needs-based craftsmanship.
We will listen to your ideas and do our utmost to produce fabric that will serve your purpose. Please contact us to learn more.

Find out how we can help you.
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(+81) 24-553-1311

Four Reasons to Trust in ALLTE CLOTH

We believe there are four reasons ALLTE CLOTH has won trust within the industrial textile industry over its more than 60 years of operation. By freely evolving and being flexible in step with the times and greatly-changing materials, products and equipment while simultaneously upholding techniques that should be protected, we are aiming to make great leaps forward on the world stage.

As a workshop of skilled artisans that is committed to improving safety as well as quality, ALLTE CLOTH achieved 7,000 days of accident-free operation in March 2024.

Find out how we can help you.
Contact us today!

(+81) 24-553-1311

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