Aramid Fabric Operation

Aramid fabrics not only have a tensile strength approximately five times that of steel equivalent in weight, they are also synthetic fibers with many exceptional properties including super strength, high elasticity, heat resistance, flame resistance, chemical resistance and low fatigue. They are mainly used in food conveyor belts.

Our Standard Aramid Fabrics

  • plain weave

  • Leno weave (coarse)

  • Leno weave (fine)

  • twill weave

  • mock leno weave

  • mock leno weave

Because aramid fabrics are stab-proof, heat resistant and have tensile strength, they are used in protective clothing such as bulletproof vests, safety boots and gloves. Currently aramid fabrics are mainly used for special items like industrial conveyor belts, but it is believed they can have far wider applications.

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