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We ALLTE CLOTH CORPORATION (herein referred to as "Our Company"), its directors and employees abide by the laws and other regulations relating to the protection of personal information when handling the personal information of customers (herein referred to as "Customer Information") and correctly and securely manage information entrusted to us by customers as follows.

  1. 1.Our Company will appropriately and strictly manage Customer Information and take safety measures to ensure there is no leaking or loss of, unauthorized access to, or breach or alteration of information.
  2. 2.Our Company will sincerely respond to inquiries relating to the handling of Customer Information.
  3. 3.Our Company will appropriately collect Customer Information and will not provide it to a third party without permission.
  4. 4.Our Company has made the above known to its directors, staff and relevant parties and appropriately enforces it.

How We Handle Customer Information

1. How we use Customer Information

Customer Information is used only as necessary in the performance of operations for a particular purpose.

Eg. Email, sending products by mail, service notifications, product information
Provision of material and information requested by the customer
Confirmation of order details and shipping of products, etc.
Response to customer inquiries

2. Collection of Customer Information

Our Company collects Customer Information in an appropriate and legal manner, expressing clearly the purpose of use.

3. Management of Customer Information
  1. 1.With regards to the handling of Customer Information, Our Company has a management officer and, together with adhering to the laws and other regulations relating to personal information, manages it with the greatest of care.
  2. 2.Our Company appropriately and strictly manages Customer Information and takes safety measures to ensure there is no leaking or loss of, unauthorized access to, or breach or alteration of information.
  3. 3.When sharing Customer Information with a subcontractor, Our Company has the subcontractor sign an agreement that stipulates the appropriate handling of Customer Information, and regularly checks their management situation.
4. Sharing of Customer Information with a third party

To protect Customer Information, Our Company appropriately manages the information and will not disclose it except in any of the following events:

  1. 1.When we have the consent of the customer;
  2. 2.When based on the law;
  3. 3.When sending or collecting products or when providing useful information to a customer, there may be shared use between Our Company and an affiliated company. Even in the event of shared use, we will appropriately protect and disclose your information.
5. Website content

Our Company's website may be accessed from countries all over the world that have different laws, but the content on our website shall be bound by Japanese law. Therefore regions where the information published on Our Company's website is deemed illegal shall be denied access.

6. Customer Information inquiries

With regards to personal information, Our Company will promptly and within reason deal with inquiries relating to the disclosure, amendment, discontinuation of use, etc. of Customer Information.

  1. 1.Amendment of errors in information on record
  2. 2.Discontinuation of use when the customer does not wish to receive information by email
7. Request for disclosure of Personal Information
  1. 1.Under the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, you can request the disclosure of your personal information. We will decline disclosure requests that you have not applied for unless disclosure is required by the law or the person applying has an authorization letter from you.
  2. 2.To request the disclosure of your personal information, please send to the address below 600 JPY (this fee may change in the event the postage system changes) worth of postage stamps as the fee for the text and requested items for disclosure, as well as a copy of an official document that can be used to confirm your identity. You shall also be responsible for the cost of postage. Please note that except in the case of reasons attributable to Our Company, we shall not be responsible for postal accidents or the non-arrival of documents related to your request for disclosure application.

Please post your request for disclosure application to:

  • Motohiro Kawasaki, President and CEO
  • 17-1 Shimonakakawara, Senouemachi, Fukushima City, Fukushima Prefecture, 960-0101

*We will need to confirm your personal information upon inquiry.

  1. 3.When replying to a request for disclosure, we will do so in writing by registered post that only you, the said person, can sign for. We will start to process your request once your application has arrived at Our Company. After receiving your application, it will take at least two weeks to post the return documents. Please note that the response may take longer if it is believed the processing of the request for disclosure will hinder Our Company's operations.
8. Changes to our policies on handling Customer Information

These basic policies may change if the need arises. You can check the latest information on this website.

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