Fiberglass Fabric Operation

Fiberglass is a basic material and very versatile. With its notable properties of tensile strength, electrical insulation, heat resistance and corrosion resistance properties, it has been used in all aspects closely related to our everyday lives for over half a century.
We provide a range of textiles from 20cm to 5m in width with a thread count, density and weave depending on the intended use. We minimize the characteristic pile of fiberglass, even controlling the number of threads, thus fulfilling our customers' quality expectations.

Our Standard Fiberglass Fabrics

  • plain weave

  • twill weave

  • collapse twill weave

  • mock leno weave

  • leno weave

  • leno weave

Fiberglass in Daily Life

With technology improving year by year, fiberglass is becoming extensively used from small items in the home to ships, vehicles and right through to space development. The large dome roofs of baseball stadiums are made of Teflon-coated fiberglass fabric membranes. The possibility of ALLTE CLOTH craftsmanship extending to space has also led to pride in our team's work.

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