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The inspiration of weaving blossoms when the warp of technology meets the weft of the heart.
Since times of old, Japanese have created high-quality textiles by doing delicate and meticulous work by hand. Regardless of how much machine specifications advance, the decisive factor is the delicate touch by hand. Just like the phrase "God is in the details", the passion of our highly-experienced craftsmen can be said to be ALLTE CLOTH's skill itself. None of our products are marked with our name.
Instead, we trust our technological excellence to speak for our brand. The products we make speak eloquently of the passion we pour into our creations.

The Technicians Behind the ALLTE CLOTH Brand

Always the challenger!
There is a certain appeal in hammering out the difficulties in product development.
Kazumasa Miyabe
Corporate Officer
Manager of New Business Development Division

In the new business development division, my job is to meet the customer in person and find out what they need. A difficult order is one where the customer does not know what they want made; they just have a finished image in mind. In a case like this there is no starting point and my only option is to create a prototype while inquiring about the intended application and post-processing use.Those from the production floor also gently probe for information, verifying each and every aspect such as the kind of thread, the thickness, the density and the strength. The choice of fiber and combination is endless so it is not easy to find the solution we should aim for. In the textile industry, someone accepting an order for a prototype may be called a foolish challenger.

In craftsmanship, however, hammering out such difficulties has a certain appeal. When I see Tokyo Dome on television, I can say to my family, "We actually wove the fiberglass material used in the roof membrane." Those kind of moments are what make product development fascinating.

Unique and uniform It is the thought we put into our products
that can be said to be our technical prowess.
Takayuki Tanaka
Corporate Officer
General Manager of Technology and Production Headquarters
Manager of Manufacturing Division

The technology and production headquarters, is tasked with the first process in the production line. Because it is always faced with the question of whether something can be woven to the customer's specifications, the ideas flying around during technical meetings are always certainly heated. For example, how should we fulfill an order when the customer is asking whether we can weave thread 1cm thick? In our industry, it would be a definite "No!". Even in a technical meeting it would be a unanimous "No!". But this is where we come in, questioning whether it really cannot be done and taking on the challenge of trying so eventually after much trial and error, we succeeded in doing it. Unfortunately it did not go into mass production, but it was a sample the customer was thoroughly satisfied with.

The fabrics ALLTE CLOTH produce are closer to traditional handicrafts or art than to industrial products. Craftsmanship is unique and uniform.There is no attraction in only weaving with machines. How we can put thought into weaving is where we shine.

We are the standard of quality.
Bringing the world-class ALLTE CLOTH quality to the customer.
Erika Watanabe
Inspection Section #1,
Manufacturing Department #1

You could say that the Inspection Section #1, which looks over every product just before delivery, is the closest division to the customer. The work of checking each and every cloth for defects and deficiencies such as stains, splits and pile is simple at first glance, but I feel that ours is an important division that influences the ALLTE CLOTH quality.

During the actual inspection process the cloth runs through at a speed of 20 meters per minute so in all likelihood it is impossible to pick up every single defect and deficiency by relying on a machine. So because the products we create are woven with artisanal skill, we, who do the inspecting, are also required to have artisanal eyes. Even if machine automation advances in the future, I think what ultimately decides quality is human perception.

ALLTE CLOTH is a small world-class company. I really like the fact that we all communicate and help each other.Such camaraderie is firmly tied to our 6,000 accident-free days.

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